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At LUMINOUS! Centre of Excellence for Semiconductor Lighting and Displays, we have over 10 faculty members across disciplines (EEE, SPMS and MSE) to team up under the centre. As such, we focus on various multidisciplinary research projects that offer potential solutions at the material, device and system levels, for ultrahigh efficiency and performance next-generation semiconductor lighting and displays. Accounting for approximately 19 per cent of electricity generation worldwide, lighting is an integral part of today’s modern society. Efficiency in artificial lighting is thus vital to sustainable growth worldwide and offers tremendous economic and societal benefits. With the overarching goal of building a global research hub and attracting a worldwide network of industrial partners in Singapore, LUMINOUS! brings a strong team of pioneering scientists and young researchers together with world-class equipment and state-of-the-art facilities for semiconductor epitaxial growth and colloidal synthesis; device modelling, physics and fabrication; and high-performance high-efficiency systems. 

The core competencies and cutting-edge technologies developed at LUMINOUS! include:
  • InGaN/GaN LEDs
  • White LEDs
  • Organic LEDs
  • Nanocrystal LEDs
  • Nanocrystal lasers
  • Nanocrystal quantum dot nanophosphors
  • Emerging lighting technologies and advanced displays
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