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VALENS – Striving to uncover the human body’s workings and improve people’s health


VALENS is a centre that focuses on the conduct of advanced research in the field of bio-imaging, bio-devices, and signal processing.

Centre activities and achievements

There are four main research areas in the Centre namely, Lab-on-chip, Bio-Imaging, e-Health, and Neurotechnology. For Lab-on-chip, our research has generated important findings on the physics of how light and fluid interact in the presence of minute particles (e.g., bacteria), how biological cells, blood flow, and tumours can be modelled and studied on a chip, as well as how minute particles can be detected readily by suitably combining opto-fluidic technology and image analysis techniques. We have been successful in this area and in 2015, we were awarded a $6.8 million Competitive Research Programme grant. For Bio-Imaging, our investigations have resulted in the development of technologies (e.g. micro-OCT, photoacoustic imaging, THz imaging) for non-invasive diagnosis, and on how blood flow for tumours can be modelled and analysed effectively. Our research on e-Health has also generated novel techniques for non-invasive longitudinal chronic disorders monitoring using wearable or portable technologies. On Neurotechnology, we focus on developing EEG based techniques that can be used to detect or predict Epilepsy and other neurological disorders.  

Facilities and Equipment
Key facilities include a cell culture room, a chemical room, optical rooms, which are necessary for the research and development of bio-devices, as well as laboratory apparatus such as the EEG set up.


With a group of dedicated researchers (i.e., faculty members, scientists, engineers), VALENS strives to excel in the research of development of technologies in Bio-Devices and signal processing.

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