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NOVITAS – Hub of Nanodevice and Nanotechnology research

NOVITAS, Nanoelectronics Centre of Excellence, is a school based research centre with its major missions of studying novel electronic materials and devices for next-generation integrated circuits and systems and providing high quality educational training and nurturing young talents in the areas of nanodevice and nanotechnology, or more precisely, micro/nanoelectronics.

Currently, the centre has 27 faculty members, more than 30 research staff and 110 PhD students with a wide range of expertise from electronic material deposition/synthesis, characterizations to micro/nanoelectronic device development. The Centre's research activities are grouped into three research programmes.  

Advanced Silicon Devices and Integration Technologies
This programme covers strained silicon devices, interconnects, CMOS devices and reliability physics, on wafer 3-D/vertical Integration of ICs, micro/nano device modelling & simulation, etc.

Compound Semiconductor Devices and IC Technologies
In this programme, research activities, like MMIC with different III-V semiconductors, MMIC applications, HEMTs, MBE, etc. are on-going. 

Low dimensional semiconductors and their electronic devices, nanomaterial deposition/synthesis and characterizations, printable/soft/transparent/bio & medical electronic devices, etc., are the major activities in the programme.

In addition, electronic sensors, sensing technologies, photovoltaic devices, etc., are being studied in all three programmes. All these research activities are carried out in our two well-equipped Class 10-100 Clean Rooms with a total area of 1400 m2 for silicon-based and non-silicon based processing, Nanoelectronics Lab I & II, Semiconductor Characterization Lab, Nanoelectronics Design and Computational Nanoelectronics Lab and Sensors & Actuators Lab. In August 2014, the centre is hosting 75 on-going projects with a total funding of S$45 Mil.

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