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COFT – Fabrication centre for state-of-the-art Optical Fibre



COFT​ is set-up to develop core capabilities and technologies for specialty optical fibre fabrication and characterization. Material and device innovations for these specialty fibres range from multi-kW fibre lasers to nano-watt sensors, and from UV fibres to mid-IR fibres for applications in environmental sensing, biomedical sensing, next generation communication, and many others. The centre strives to become a centre of excellence in the advanced research of optical fibres and their related technologies as well as to provide training in this field. 

Centre activities and achievements

Currently, we have many on-going optical fibre projects with total funding of about S$28M. The projects include the following advanced research in optical fibres:

  • Large mode area, multi-kW laser fibres
  • Micro-structured and holey fibres 
  • High nonlinearity fibres
  • High power Raman fibres at mid-IR
  • Multicomponent fibres at mid-IR
  • Nano-wired fibres

Facilities and Equipment
The main equipment in COFT includes:
  • Modified chemical vapour deposition (MCVD) system
  • Rare-earth vapour delivery system for in-situ doping processes
  • Glass working lathe
  • Triple fibre drawing tower capable of silica fibre, holey fibre, and soft glass fibre drawings
  • Preform refractive index profiler 
  • Fibre refractive index profiler 
  • Preform machining knee-mill
  • Table-top scanning electron microscope
  • Large diameter fibre processing stage 

Fibre Preform Fabrication System
Fibre Preform Fabrication System

Our aim is to become a leading research centre in optical fibre fabrication and applications. We support all research based on optical fibers and industrial projects in Singapore and overseas.

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