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Si-COE – Integrating Next Generation Innovations: Pushing Silicon Frontiers

Silicon Technologies, Centre of Excellence (Si-COE), focuses on the future need to integrate Silicon Plus approaches to push the Silicon frontiers. The main motivations are to develop R&D platform to enable future generations of ICs for both "More Moore" and "More than Moore" application. The targeted applications include CMOS-compatible fully integrated OEIC and energy efficient low cost power electronics. Our key areas of research include III-V on Silicon, 3DIC, Advanced Sensors and Thermal Management and Reliability.

The 3 key pillars of Si-COE, other than Research Excellence and Industry Collaboration, also include Talent Outreach. This centre will also showcase joint efforts in Talent Outreach with our partners such as Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA). One of the objectives of the centre is to better align the silicon technology capability development in NTU with the needs of Singapore’s semiconductor industry through strategic collaboration with and stewardship of A*STAR’s Institute of Microelectronics (IME). Through the Centre, IME has worked closely with NTU to develop complementary research that strengthens its end-to-end capabilities. The centre further provides a platform where technical discussions on Silicon-related research, visits and engagements takes place.  


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