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3D – Without Glasses


In the near future, you may be able to watch three-dimensional (3D) videos without having to wear special glasses.

Scientists at Nanyang Technological University’s School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), led by Professor Zheng Yuanjin are working on three types of glasses-free 3D display sets: multi-layer light field displays; directional backlit displays; and super multi-view displays.

Currently, people have to wear special glasses to watch 3D videos. This is because we have two eyes that are separated by a few centimetres, and each eye has a slightly different view.

In real life, the brain combines the views to create a natural 3D image. In conventional 2D screens, both eyes see the same image so there are not enough spatial cues for the brain to generate a 3D view. All 3D displays send different signals to each eye from the same point on the screen.

The EEE scientists’ multi-layer light field displays use three liquid crystal display (LCD) screens that are placed in front of one another. Professor Zheng Yuanjin said: “We use algorithms to generate different light rays in each direction from the same point of the screen. Each LCD layer contains a different pattern, and the whole stack can approximate the light field of a given scene and recreate the scene with a hologram-like appearance.”

The directional backlit displays form exit pupils in the viewing field where either a left image or a right image is seen across the entire screen. The use of a head position tracker ensures that the pupils are always located in the regions of the viewer’s eyes.

In the super multi-view displays, steering screens deflect the output from the display screen by a small angle. Professor Zheng added: “We obtain a high view density by scanning viewing zones in the regions of the viewers’ eyes and rapidly updating the perspective views. Full resolution is obtained, and the high view density gives images a good depth of field.”



By Professor Zheng Yuanjin

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Published on: 24-May-2018​​​
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