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​Ionospheric Workshop

Published on: 25-Feb-2019

​The Earth’s atmosphere and ionosphere is a complex and fully coupled system. The lower-atmosphere weather patterns directly influence our day-to-day life while rapid changes in upper atmosphere and ionosphere environment can strongly impact our satellite, communication and positioning systems. In the workshop, we will have in-depth discussion with experts on the state-of-the-art in GNSS Radio Occulattion and reflectometry and in-situ plasma sensors onboard small satellites as to how these measurements are capable of advancing our current understanding of the atmospheric-ionospheric system. The ultimate goal of the workshop is to come up with the main science objectives for a new small satellite constellation for GPS Radio Occulattion, Reflectometry and Ionospheric measurements that will not only benefit Singapore but also for the international community.


Presentation details ionosphere workshop.pdf

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