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Satellite Research Centre offering space releated courses on

The courses will introduce the topic of spacecraft design to engineering students helping them to gain a fundamental understanding of the different sub-systems that constitute a spacecraft and the principles governing the design process to achieve mission success.

The Satellite Research Centre at Nanyang Technological University is embarking on a student satellite program where select undergraduate and graduate students will get the opportunity to build a Cubesat called SCOOB-I. SCOOB-I will be built in 2019 and launched in 2020. A Cubesat is a miniaturized self-contained small satellite built in scalable multiples of 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm (1 Unit) weighing no more than 1.33 kg per Unit. A cubesat contains all the sub-systems of a larger spacecraft such as attitude control, power, command and data handling, communication, structure and thermal systems. Cubesats are revolutionizing the satellite industry through its miniaturization and lower costs and seeding the growth of a ‘NewSpace’ Industry globally. Considering these trends and the need for qualified engineers to foster the growth of this sector, especially in Singapore, the student series of satellites will train a cutting edge workforce to support this growing industry.

Student will get​ an opportunity to apply theories and techniques learned in class during tutorials at the Satellite Research Centre on the SCOOB-I satellite.​

The course​ consists of modules:

- Basic orbital dynamics
- The space environment, its effect on spacecraft and environmental testing
- Different subsystems of a spacecraft
- Systems engineering approach towards spacecraft development

Interested in working in a real satellite programme? Join our SCOOBI team​.

An exciting opportunity for NTU students!!​

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