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No.​​​ Topic​​​ PI, Researchers​
1​ Shape Memor​​y Polymer Composites​ Assoc Prof Edwin Teo​ 2.pdf1.pdf
2​ Enhanced Phase Change Material​ Assoc Prof Edwin Teo​ 2.pdf2.pdf
3​ Microfabricated Travelling Wave Tube Amplifiers​ Assoc Prof Sheel Aditya​ 3.pdf3.pdf
4​ Synthetic‐aperture Radar​ Prof LU YiLong​ 4.pdf4.pdf
5​ Space Precision Atomic‐clock TIming Utility Mission​ Asst Prof LI King Ho Holden​ 5.pdf5.pdf
6​ Rendezvous & Docking With Uncooperative Targets​ Assoc Prof Ling KV​ 6.pdf6.pdf
7​ Cost and Lead Time Minimization in the Production of Micro/Nano satellites​ Assoc Prof Tai Kang​ 7.pdf7.pdf
8​ Propulsion Thruster​ Prof Xu Shuyan​
9​ Global Navigation Satellite System​ Assoc Prof Ling Keck V​​oon​​
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