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Singapore Space Working Group

Addvalue Innovation
Company Products Inter-Satellite Data Relay System
Company Profile Addvalue focused on wireless communication technologies for markets in space, defense and aerospace with solutions like software defined radio, edge processing platform for data analytics, antenna subsystem, etc. 
Contact Person Francis Low
 Aliena Pte Ltd
Company Products Propulsion and integrated avionics
Company Profile Aliena aims to make space accessible to commercial entities through the provision of ultra-low power plasma thruster systems targeted at the small and cube satellite markets. The company’s vision is to provide turn-key solutions for satellites and spacecrafts through customized engines to achieve their unique mission objectives. Aliena views it’s role in the space community as providers of commercially viable subsystems that empower satellites to perform un
Contact Person Dr Lim Jian Wei Mark
Wee Hwee Nam
 Equatorial Space Industries​
Company Products Launch Segment
Company Profile Developing low-cost, hybrid propulsion products for space launch and deep-space mission applications.
Contact Person Simon Gwozdz
NuSpace Pte Ltd
Company Products Nano-satellites, Space IoT
Company Profile NuSpace is a spin-off from NUS focused on providing space based IoT connectivity using a constellation of nanosatellites. 
Contact Person Ng Zhen Ning
Phonon Pte Ltd
Company Products Thermal Solutions for various platforms
Company Profile ​Phonon Pte Ltd is focused on developing thermal solutions (Thermal regulation and dissipation) and through the use of advanced materials for various platforms including space, marine and other harsh environments
Contact Person Kwang Koon Way
SpaceSATS (a subsidiary of Plasma Innovation Labs)
Company Products Miniature Hall Thruster, etc.
Company Profile -Successfully developed, launched and tested the first miniature Hall thruster of ultra high precision on orbit in August 31, 2019

- Intensively participated in Big Science space projects in different countries

- Have solid technology support from Plasma Innovation Labs (PILS) and Plasma Source and Application Center (PSAC), Nanyang Technological University
Contact Person Dr Chan Chia Sern
Company Products Space-based Quantum Communications
Company Profile Company will provide space-based quantum communication to secure telecommunication networks over large distances
Contact Person Lum Chune Yang
Company Products Laser Communications Network with Ground Telescopes
Company Profile Transcelestial is building a space laser network to deliver a step-change in internet connectivity globally. This will be the fastest way to bring the rest of the world up on the bandwidth and connectivity curve. Right now, we are using the same technology on the ground as a "wireless fibre optics" - with a much lower TCO than fibre for telcos and enterprises. 
Contact Person Rohit
Zero-Error Systems Pte Ltd
Company Products High-Reliability Integrated Circuits and Electronics
Company Profile ZES is a fabless integrated circuit design house that provides strategic, disruptive hardware and services for space and autonomous vehicles
Contact Person Pen San Tang
Prof Joseph Chang
Shu Wei
Chong Kwen Siong
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