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Research Reports

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Year 2016

Major Projects Highlights:

  • A new way to print complex electronic circuits and systems using fully-additive processes
  • A more accurate and low-cost way to sequence a person’s DNA at high resolution, which will enable more personalised medicine




Year 2014​​ ​​

Major Projects Highlights:

  • CMOS opto-chemical sensor towards Highthroughput and accurate DNA sequencing
  • Direct device-to-device (D2D) for future communication
  • Low power SRAM for high temperature applications Up to 300°C
  • Anti-vibrationTime delay integration smart image sensor for remote sensing
  • Advanced radar system on chip


Year 2013  

Major Projects Highlights:

  • 28.8dBm, High Efficiency, Linear GaN Power Amplifier with In-Phase Power Combining for IEEE 802.11p Applications 
  • A 57.9-to-68.3 GHz 24.6 mW Frequency Synthesizer with In-Phase Injection-Coupled (IPIC) QVCO in 65 nm CMOS Technology
  • Linear Angle Sensitive Pixels for 4D Light Field Capture
  • An Adaptive Integration Time CMOS Image Sensor for Star-Tracker Application
  • Nano-Electro-Mechanical Non-Volatile Memory Design
  • Design of High Sensitivity CMOS Sub-THz Imaging Receiver
  • Design of Dual-Mode CMOS ISFET Sensor for High-Throughput pH Detection
  • Low Power Radar SOC


Year 2012
Year 2012  
Major Projects Highlights:
  • Batteryless Flexible Transceiver IEEE 802.15.4
  • Asynchronous Full-array-parallel Ultra-fast Motion Detection Imager
  • 3D NVM for Future Data Storage
  • THz Imaging for Security and Skin Cancer
  • A 0.45V 100-channel Neural Recording IC for Neural Prosthesis
Year 2012
Year 2011  
Major Projects Highlights:
  • Energy-Aware Design of 2.4-GHz CMOS Receiver Front-Ends for PANs
  • 24GHz 0.13um CMOS LC-Tank-Reused Injection-Locked Frequency Synthesizer
  • CMOS Image Sensor for Nano-Satellite
  • CMOS Image Sensor with On-chip Motion Detection and Localisation
  • An Ultra-low Power SRAM for High Energy Efficiency
  • A Shuttle Nano-electro-mechanical Non-volatile Memory Device
  • On-Chip Energy Harvesting Circuit for Image Sensory
  • Metamaterial Based 60GHz RFIC Design


Year 2011 
Year 2010  
Major Projects Highlights:
  • Dynamic Resolution Smart Vision Sensor
  • Integrated Sensing and Processing
  • Aging And Process Variation Sensors For Memory
  • Research on Ultra-Low Voltage Circuits Design, Low Power Memories Design and Low Power Circuit Techniques for 3D ICs
  • Design and Analysis of Ultra Low Power True Single Phase Clock CMOS 2/3 Prescaler
  • Miniaturization of Planar Monopole Antenna for Ultra-wideband Radios
  • Wireless Implantable Neural Recording IC for Motor Prosthesis


Year 2010 
Year 2009  
Major Projects Highlights:
  • Revolutionary Environmentally-Friendly Super-Chip
  • Low Power Wireless Motion Sensor
  • Power Aware Mixed-signal System (PAMS)
  • A Wideband Low-Power Low-Noise Amplifier in CMOS Technology
Year 2009
Year 2008  
Major Projects Highlights:
  • Ultra Low Power True Single Phase Clock CMOS 2/3 Prescaler
  • A Possible Reality on Battery-Frree Low-Power Portable Electronics
  • Low-Jitter Frequency Multiplier for High-Speed Mixed-Signal Chips
Year 2008
Year 2007
Major Projects Highlights:
  • 20-GHz High-Frequency CMOS T/R Switch IC Design
  • Intelligent ISFET Sensory System for Water Quality Monitoring
  • Low Power Low Voltage 8 Bit 200 MS/s Pipelined ADC
Year 2007
Year 2006
Major Projects Highlights:
  • Ultra Low-Power RF Transceiver
  • Wireless Chip Area Network
  • Single-Chip Radio
  • 128-point Radix-2
  • Watermarking for IP Protection
Year 2006

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