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​​TRANS Grant Mid-Term Review on 3rd July 2018 

Published on: 03-Jul-2018

The event is the International Review Panel (IRP) to conduct a Mid-Term Review of the TRANS Funding Initiative. 
This is part of the RIE2020 Mid-Term Review of the whole Service and Digital Economy (SDE) Domain.

The objectives of this Mid-Term Review are as follows:
1.               Take stock of the progress of the Funding Initiative
2.               To assess the extent to which the Funding Initiative has achieved its stated objectives as set out originally
3.               Review the relevance of the Funding Initiative in view of global developments
For the Mid-Term Review, the Smart Nation TRANS Lab did a presentation to the IRP.
​​Team 1.jpgTeam 2.jpgTeam 3.jpg
Before the presentation to the IRP, the SNTL team had set up demo booths and posters to showcase the projects to allow the panellists and other attendees mingle and interact with the researchers, and play around with the demos during the lunch session.

The Mid-Term Review of the RIE2020 SDE Domain will be chaired by Prof Robert Morris from the Singapore’s Ministry of Health Office for Healthcare Transformation (MOHT).​​​

You may visit the Photo Gallery​ to view more photos.

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