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​​Audio Intelligence Monitoring At The Edge (AI-ME) Presented At 4th IEEE World Forum On The Internet Of Things

Published on: 13-Feb-2018

Smart Nation Trans Lab's Audio Intelligence Monitoring at the Edge (AI-ME) system was presented at the 4th IEEE World Forum on the Internet of Things. Using digital signal processing and deep learning, AI-ME is capable of recognizing and classifying sounds at the edge, without sending back sound to a central server. AI-ME can potentially be used to care for the elderly by listening for coughing or shouting or to rapidly detect and locate road accidents by listening for the sound of a vehicles crashing. 

AI-ME received mention in Yaacob Ibrahim's Facebook post during his visit to the forum.

Initial AI-ME prototypes were housed in 3D printed chassis. This will change later on as the project progresses.

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