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Our Laboratories


CISS has 9 Laboratories, namely:

​​​Laboratory/ Centre Location​ Technical Staff Contact No.​
Communications Research II​ (CRII) S2-B3c-26 ​Thung Lina ​6790 5459
Communications Research I (CRI) S2.1-B4-03/04 ​Ng Teng Kwee ​6791 7320
​Digital Signal Processing Lab (DSP) S2-B4a-03 ​Foo Wenney ​6791 7320
Centre for Information Sciences and Systems (CISS) / ​
Smart Nation Lab (SNTL)
S2-B4b-05 Ng Teng Kwee ​6791 7320
Information Systems Research Lab (ISRL) S2-B3a-06 ​​Chia C​hiu Kiat​ ​6790 5447
Media Technology Lab (MTL)​​ S2.2-B4-02 ​Leow-How Seok Lai ​6790 6549
​Schaeffler Hub for Advanced REsearch (SHARE) at NTU S2.1-B4-01a ​​Chia Chiu Kiat ​6790 5447
​Connected ​Smart Mobility Lab (COSMO) S2-B3b-10 Catherine Teng ​6790 5459​​
Rapid-Rich Object Search Lab (ROSE) S2-B4b-13
Wang Qian 6592 3729
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